3 Ways to Help Relieve Postpartum Back Pain

You want to know how to relieve this postpartum back pain you’re dealing with, right? Here’s how:

Find your core and strengthen it. This doesn’t mean doing 100 crunches as fast as you can, BTW. It means reconnecting with the deep core muscles and that starts with ‘finding’ them. So say “hello” to your new muscle BFFs with this simple reconnection exercise 👇

Step one: Get comfortable sitting on the floor or lying down. Breath in and out gently for a few breaths and relax your shoulders and jaw.

Step two: Next, exhale as you gently draw in your stomach and lift up your pelvic floor. To find the right muscles, imagine you’re trying not to pass wind by engaging the back passage muscles. Imagine picking up a grape with your vagina, or that your vagina is a straw and you’re sucking a smoothie through it… all slightly weird, but all very effective. Nothing forceful. It’s a gentle squeeze and lift.

Step three: Then, breathe in and fully relax and release those muscles, being careful not to push down or away. Again, this isn’t a forceful movement, just release and fully let go.

Step four: Repeat a few times, keeping in time with your own breath, relaxing and releasing on the inhale, drawing upwards and gently squeezing on the exhale. Start doing these breaths every day a couple of times a day and you’ll start to get connected again.

Now you’re connected you can strengthen your core. You need gentle and specific exercises designed for a mother’s body. Not every core exercise regime you come across is going to be suitable. The MUTU System program contains 12 modules of gentle but effective workouts and exercises to help banish persistent and even debilitating back pain.

Change your shoes. Yup seriously, your shoes are affecting how optimally your core can do its job, and when they hinder your core from doing its job, your back will hurt. High heels are not helping. They are skewing your alignment, throwing all the stacked parts out of kilter and your back is taking the strain. In MUTU we talk shoes a lot and encourage minimal or barefoot shoes. But for the purposes of this blog… I’m just gonna say, lose the heels as often as you can and if you are suffering from lower back pain – definitely try it.

Squat, baby! Your glutes play a big role in your core strength and confidence. If your glutes are not doing their job, your pelvic floor suffers, and so does your back. Gluteal muscles not only stabilize around your tailbone, but they also help support your low back muscles. If the glutes are weak, the low back muscles have to work harder, which makes them fatigued and sore. Squats, baby. We squat a lot in MUTU too. MUTU teaches you to protect your back, and build glutes as you squat.

Once you’ve followed my four top tips for banishing postpartum back pain, you’re now ready for the full MUTU System program, specifically made for mamas who are putting up with pain that is holding them back. Sound like you? Sign up today to the proven, most medically recommended postpartum exercise program. Helping mamas feel good is what we do.


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