Back Pain Solution: Ending Bad Sitting Posture

What is bad posture?

We sit more than ever these days. But most people don’t know how to sit without slouching. And their back and neck get tight, achy, and painful. Poor posture is not attractive. We end up having a rounded, hunched over spine and looking old prematurely.

What if there was a simple, effective way to learn to sit that didn’t require postural exercises, or straps, or fancy furniture, or constantly thinking about it? What if in the chair you are currently sitting in you could leave you feeling comfortable, pain-free, and energized?

It is possible! Dr. Brant Pedersen, a sports chiropractor in Los Gatos, California shares in this video what he learned from his studies with Noelle Perez in Paris, France. Dr. Pedersen has worked with thousands of elite athletes, but also many Silicon Valley tech team members, and common amongst all of them is inability to sit effortlessly and pain-free.

Some people “hold” a good posture, but they fatigue out and end up slouching when they stop concentrating on it. Others have given up on good posture years ago. But no one wants to end up stooped over and hunched as they age. And back pain and neck pain are ubiquitous.

In this TED-Style talk, given at Mint Condition Fitness in Los Gatos, Dr. Brant Pedersen shares the 3 Myths that we have been taught about good seated posture and the simple steps to end back pain. Dr. Pedersen doesn’t believe that people need chiropractic adjustments over and over and over to be healthy. He does believe that without learning to sit properly that tension, achiness, and back pain will keep reoccurring.

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Attribution for images used in this video:
Thanks to Jean Couch, Jenn Sherer, The Balance Center, and Spinefullness for all your instruction, inspiration and use of photos you have obtained over the years to help teach others to sit in balance. Also, for helping introduce me to Noelle Perez and recommending that I travel to Paris to study with her. It was a defining moment in my understanding of posture and helping people live pain-free.

About Dr. Brant Pedersen:

Dr. Brant is a sports chiropractor and applied kinesiologist who founded Positive Motion Chiropractic in northern California (Los Gatos, CA). In his chiropractor practice he specializes in finding rapid and lasting solutions to muscle and joint pain issues. He received his first chiropractic adjustment when competing as a professional windsurfer and it opened his eyes to how quickly the body can heal when given targeted conservative chiropractic care. Dr. Pedersen graduated valedictorian of his class from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA, maintains an adjunct faculty position at his alma mater, gives back through humanitarian chiropractic care, and loves everyday in practice. He enjoys sharing tips and tricks for how to stay active and pain-free and employs them daily to stay active as an extreme sports athlete.

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