Effective Core Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain

4 of the best core exercises you can do at home to relieve AND prevent lower back pain. Get low back pain relief now with these effective exercises and prevent back pain from coming back in the future with the right strengthening exercises. The same lower back pain physical therapy exercises I give to my patients every single day!

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Lower back pain is the most-common condition that I treat in my clinic. In fact many experts predict that as many as 80% of us will experience a significant episode of lower back pain in our lives.

The thing that not many of these patients realize is that many of them would never be my patients in the first place if they just participated in the right core strengthening exercises.

The right core exercises can help eliminate lower back pain now and and strengthen your back to prevent pain from coming back in the future.

While this idea isn’t necessarily new, the mistake many people make when they do their core exercises is they only train their abs with sit ups and crunches. Your core is a 3-dimensional structure and we need to focus on all four sides of the core wall (front, back, left, and right).
Exercising all of these areas will add strength to your core and stability to your back to help you to feel better fast… and even PREVENT lower back pain from showing up in the future.

These are the same four exercises I give to my physical therapy patients every single day. I know they’re incredibly effective and I know they can work for you, too!

I’ve included progressions to each one of these exercises to you can customize them to meet your individual unique needs. The goal is to challenge yourself, but not make the exercises so hard that you can’t get through all the recommended sets and reps.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better fast!

1:34 BRIDGES – great way to work the lower back with the hips to strengthen through extension.
2:35 SINGLE-LEG BRIDGES – progress the standard bridge with a single=-leg
2:58 MODIFIED PLANKS – woks all the layers of you ab muscles; be sure to engage your deep core.
4:04 FULL PLANKS – progress the modified planks with full planks when strength allows
4:37 SIDELYING ABDUCTION – keep your stomach “sucked in” and engaged while lifting your straight leg out to the side.
5:40 MODIFIED SIDE PLANK – progress into modified side planks and
5:56 FULL SIDE PLANK – progress into full side planks to continue to challenge your lateral core muscles.
6:21 BIRD DOGS – great stabilization exercise for your entire back

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