Fix Your Back Pain (Part 2: Movement Assessment)

There is always a reason for back pain. It doesn’t just appear out of thin air and it’s not “all in your head.” In order to fix and remove the pain, we need to find out why it started in the first place.

In my career as a physical therapist, I have spent countless hours reading, researching, and implementing many methods and techniques from experts across the world that have come before me. I did not invent the following screens and tests that I’m sharing with you today. Instead you will find they are a combination and blending of the ideas and teachings from experts I myself have learned from (including but not limited to Dr. Stuart McGill and Shirley Sahrmann) and molded into my own approach of evaluating patients. It is only due to the wisdom that these experts have shared with the world that I am able to make videos like this for you today.

To learn more about the screening methods used today and in the next videos of this series, check out this blog:


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