Q/A // Answering your most common weight loss / Fitness questions

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Question 1: How do you know when your body
is ready to start cutting?
4:28 Question #2: How do you stick to your cut when you’re the only
One in your household eating that way?
5:50 Question #3: Do you take Creatine when you cut?
7:34 Question #4: What is the best way to maximize muscle growth?
9:20 Question #5: What should you do if you feel you are hitting a Plateau with
Your fitness results?
10:55 Question #6: How often do you cut and for how long?
13:34 Question #7: How do you know to do a cut verses a body recoup?
14:46 Question #8: How do you enter a cutting phase?
15:20 Question #9: Do I consume back the calories that I burn during exercise?
15:54 Question #10:How do I find my maintenance calories?
17:14 Question #11:Do you cut more from a certain macro group specifically
Or just overall?


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