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To kick off 2021 here is a video for all those who are struggling with their external rotation ROM when they are up in the “shoulder press” position – what we call Shoulder 90/90. This restriction or loss of movement at the outer range is pretty damn common after a chronic frozen shoulder, rotator cuff surgery, dislocations or a simple tendinopathy.

✅ What we are trying to do here is replicate for home or gym what we do in the clinic – getting a posterior glide on the humerus and a stretch load into external rotation. You will either need a rig in the gym or some sort of set up at home (if you can manage that!)

Doing the same type of mobilization for a rehab program accelerates your gains in between your PHYSIO appointments.

➕ You will need one thick and one thin 41” powerband and a barbell or similar item to block the humerus / elbow (this is the crucial part that many fail on). Having the arm blocked creates the leverage effect just like a therapist’s knee does when using the seatbelt technique like I show in one of my previous videos (see insert). Pad out the bar, get the tension and timing right and you will see some good changes happening!

❇️ We get our powerbands from Astir

🥳 Happy New Year from us.

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