The Most Powerful Exercise You Are Probably Not Doing


I’ll admit, I’m pretty enthusiastic about the horse stance! This is an exercise with a long track record of building incredible leg endurance, mental toughness, and mobility. It’s simple enough to perform, and while many different martial arts traditions have their own technical guidelines for the proper stance, for general purposes, it’s not too critical. Take a stance that is 1.5-2x shoulder width, and sink down as low as you comfortably can, but not so low as to suspend your weight on your hip joint. Tru to keep your torso upright, sink into your glutes, keep your knees out, and HOLD!

Horse stances can be held a few times per week, all the way up to daily holds! When focusing on the horse stance, I will often just perform one max effort hold each day, trying to improve my time. The benefits I have gotten from this movement are incredible. I highly recommend giving it a shot!