Top 3 exercises for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

In this video I discuss my top three exercises to address lower back pain and sciatica. We have a brief description of the anatomy of the lower lumbar spine. We discussed how to perform these movements in a safe manner. We discussed some of the precautions when performing these movements. Your condition should never get worse for longer than 3 to 5 minutes after performing one of these exercises. If it does stop immediately and get a orthopedic evaluation. A common misconception is that you should do more than one of my suggested exercises. The proper way of approaching this is to perform one of the three exercises for two or three days and if your condition does not improve stop and try the next one. Often you’ll see and improvement in range of motion first followed by a decrease in pain intensity or location. If you’re unsure if the exercise is working pick an activity that commonly you have trouble with before doing The exercise and then afterwords And see if there is a improvement in your function were the intensity of the pain while performing that activity. It allows for a self functional evaluation and is one of my approach is when evaluating patients with lower back pain and sciatica in the clinic. In the physical therapy clinic we use the McKenzie method to determine the best exercise for your lower back pain and sciatica but these are typically the top three but I utilize. However there are variations on this exercise that are beyond the scope of this video. Do not attend these exercises if you have any of the following red flags: Progressive weakness, a recent accident or trauma, a recent change in bowel and bladder control , Numbness around the groin or inner thighs, or significant balance problems. If you find an improvement after trying these movements pick one and perform at two times every two hours for about five sessions a day. I also recommend not sitting for greater than 20 minutes at a time and performing a gentle walking program as long as neither of these things increase your symptoms pain or otherwise.

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Original Mckenzie D-Section Lumbar roll
Using this lumbar roll is helpful for self-treatment with low back pain and resting on it helps improve posture and helps correct mechanical back pain