Common Secondary Conditions to Back Pain: VA Claims

Back conditions are some of the most common disabilities among Veterans and can result in a number of secondary service-connected disabilities. Tune in to learn common VA claims for secondary service connection related to back pain, how they are related, how you may be rated, and how to file a claim to receive VA disability benefits for your secondary condition.

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How VA Rates Mental Health Conditions:

How VA Rates Sleep Disorders:

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0:00 Introduction
0:40 Overview of Back Conditions
2:23 VA Disability for Back Pain Without a Diagnosis
3:55 How VA Rates Back Conditions
5:08 Secondary Service Connection and How to File
9:40 Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Radiculopathy Secondary to Back Conditions
11:30 VA Should Automatically Consider Radiculopathy
12:40 Myelopathy Secondary to Back Conditions
14:00 Urinary Frequency and Incontinence Secondary to Back Conditions
15:01 Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health Conditions Secondary to Back Pain
17:11 Insomnia, Other Sleep Disorders Secondary to Back Pain
18:58 Effects of Medications, Substance Abuse: Secondary Service Connection
20:07 Obesity Related to Back Pain and VA Disability
22:11 Closing Thoughts and Tips for Veterans

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