ASMR Yoga Inspired LOWER Back PAIN Relief & Deep Tissue Release | Glutes, Lower Back, Psoas

This yoga-inspired session is oriented mainly on lower back pain relief. Therefore I am going to target glute muscles, tight hips, and psoas that are often the cause of lower back pain and we are going to stretch them really deeply.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified yoga instructor, this video is just me doing my usual workout. It is based on my routine that I do – after practicing yoga and exercising for 8 years. These are my observation. If you want to recommend a teacher I got most of my knowledge from @Boho Beautiful Yoga

I added no music since I do not like when there is some and I want to play my own in case I do not like the one that is played 😀 Hopefully, you will appreciate that as well. Lately, I find myself being overwhelmed with loud music and fast tempo when doing the workout so I prefer to just do the poses properly. With that said, enjoy the stretch!

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